Dark Knight

*Procomp 31 series
*33’s Duratrac
*3″ Daystar lift
*Rigid duallys
*Smittybilt bumper
*Gibson Dual Cat
*Air Aid intake
*Safari Straps
*Body Armor doors

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4 User Comments — Share Your Thoughts

  • Daniel,
    I like the taillight treatment! Is that an actual smoked lens or did you spray them?

    Brian Frescura
    800-333-5535 x878

  • Daniel Floyd says:

    I did them myself. I’ve recently upgraded to the pilot LED taillights. Tinted those as well since they are blinding bright.

  • Max Cassidy says:

    Hey Daniel,
    I really like the look of your bumper, I have a 2 door Wrangler as well, do you have any idea what the exact name of it is? I searched the Smitty Bilt website but found nothing like yours with the same light formation you have.


  • Daniel Floyd says:

    The bumper is Smittybilt SRC with winch plate. i added the D rings and the 30′ LED light bar was offroad outfitters.

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